Test Your ‘Friends’ Knowledge At Friendsgiving Trivia!

friends trivia
This is an event Friends won't want to miss! November 21st, head on over to Growler USA Katy for The One Where You Win Friends Trivia! Come show off your knowledge of one of the most resoundingly popular TV shows of all time at this fun-filled event. Friends Trivia Though this popular... [read more]

Take Your Turkey To The Next Level

Thanksgiving is arguably one of the best holidays of the year – a whole day dedicated to eating? Count us in! However, preparing the centerpiece of the meal, the roasted turkey, can be a challenge: from brining to cook time to ensure it’s roasted to the proper internal temperature, there... [read more]

Get Ready For Paws In The Park 5K Fun Run

Paws in the park
If you’re an animal lover as well as an exercise guru, we’ve got an event for you that you won’t want to miss out on. Get ready for the Paws in the Park 5K Fun Run! Keep reading to learn more about this event for the whole family. Paws in the... [read more]

Celebrate Halloween With A Houston Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery
Throughout the month of October, there are countless Halloween events to attend. Whether you’re having a party with your friends where everyone who is invited comes dressed up as their favorite superhero character or you’re hosting a horror movie night, there are plenty of ways to celebrate this fun and... [read more]

Be Prepared For Anything With A Self Defense Class!

Self Defense
It's important to make sure you're educated regarding self-defense, making sure you can protect yourself and others in case of an attack. If you’re interested in learning more about how to defend yourself, take the 10-week COBRA Self Defense Class! Keep reading to learn more! More About COBRA! First of all, you... [read more]

Not Sure How To Dress Baby For Halloween? Try These Ideas!

As a parent, there are countless photo opportunities for the upcoming holiday season. For example, at Christmas, you might want to put your baby on Santa's lap and take a photo. However, for Halloween, this turns into an entirely new game – you get to choose the Halloween costumes for... [read more]

Cocktails & Conversations

The community here in Katy, Texas works hard to push a feeling of love and support. Just one example of this is the Cocktails & Conversations event, as well as the Silent Witness event, held each year. Both events work to raise money and awareness for domestic violence. If you... [read more]

Break A Sweat At The Houston Half Social Run!

Literally any human being can run. With factors like age and weight aside, we are all capable of moving our bodies! In fact, running is so good for your body, and there have been many studies that show its effects on things like sleep, appetite, energy, and more. Running has... [read more]

Bring The Family To Katy Market Day

Can you think of a better way to send summer on its way and say a big hello to fall than by spending time outside in historic downtown Katy? We sure can't! Grab the kids, grab your wallet, and get downtown on September 21 for so much fun and local... [read more]

Catch A Showing Of Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink
Do you consider yourself a Duckie, or are you more of a Blane? Regardless, all are welcome at the showing of Pretty In Pink, coming up in just a few weeks! So, get ready to go back in time with all of the fashion, hairstyles, music, and scenes of the... [read more]