Calling All Sushi Lovers: Head On Over To Kokai Sushi And Lounge

Kokai Sushi and Lounge

Some foods just taste so good that you get cravings for them over and over again. If you’re the kind of person who loves seafood, that may be how you feel about Kokai Sushi and Lounge in Houston. This isn’t just your average sushi spot – it’s got all of your favorite dishes and rolls, plus much, much more. It also has a bit of a high-end feel, making it perfect for a date, a celebration, or any other special occasion. After all, it is known as one of the nicest spots in town if you want to grab a luxurious dinner out. Check out what’s on the menu! Then, you can decide if it’s someplace you might want to try out the next time you get a sushi craving you just can’t ignore.

Start with an Appetizer

Let’s face it. When you go out to eat, you may want to go all out and really spoil yourself. When you feel that way, you should always opt for an appetizer. There are such great options here that you’re sure to find something that you’re going to absolutely love. For example, the sake cocktail is always a big hit here. So is the maguro cocktail. You may also want to try the suzuki fry or the rice cracker, as well. If you’re with a big group, you may even want to choose several options.

Bento Boxes

If you’re stopping by for a quick lunch and you want to try something fun, order a bento box. You’ll get all kinds of little bites in your box, like gyozas, sashimi, and more. It’s a fun way to eat, and it’s definitely one of the healthier options you can get at a restaurant.

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The Sushi

Of course, you’re at this spot for one reason, right? The sushi. Well, you’ll find plenty of varieties of it here. Whether you want nigiri, sashimi, or hosomaki, you have a lot of choices. But if you want to try something a bit different than what you might find at your average sushi place, you should go for some rolls. The ebi fry, the saporo, and the tropical are all popular rolls, as are the spicy tuna and the vinedo. A word of advice? Order a lot of rolls and then share with the whole table.

If you’re looking for one of the best places around town to eat out, come on out to Kokai Sushi and Lounge!