Bring The Family To Katy Market Day


Can you think of a better way to send summer on its way and say a big hello to fall than by spending time outside in historic downtown Katy? We sure can’t! Grab the kids, grab your wallet, and get downtown on September 21 for so much fun and local shopping!

Shop ‘Til You Drop!

The market is held on the third Saturday of the month from March until November, so we’re in the sweet spot right now. If you haven’t had time to make it out or if the summer was just too busy to carve out some market fun, it’s not too late!

You might be wondering what makes this market so special, and it’s the charm and quaintness of downtown Katy that we all know and love. Imagine your favorite views stacked high with delicious foods, local vendors, music, art, antiques and more. If you’ve got something special on your mind that you’re looking for, we guarantee you will find it at the market.

Each market features over 65 vendors selling everything from exotic plants, great antiques, jewelry, and art, to crafts, gifts, soap, honey, clothing, makeup, home decor, and accessories. This is THE place to do your shopping because it doubles as a way to get out and about and see what the city has to offer. The local talent here is unmatchable!

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Why Local?

It’s not new knowledge, but shopping in your local communities instead of giving your money to giant corporations is crucial to keep cities functioning the way they are. Especially in a society where chains are popping up everywhere and online shopping is at its peak. It’s definitely okay to eat at a chain every now and then, after all, they are popular for a reason, but as often as you can you should try and give your money to local, talented residents. Not only does it keep money local, but it encourages them to keep going with their passions and allows you to support them financially.

Katy Market Day is really the perfect family outing, as you can shop for food for the upcoming week, gifts for friends and family, and can even eat at local restaurants while you are out. You will find a whole new level of appreciation for your city, we just know it!